About me

Silvi is a brunette from the Czech republic who loves art. To her luck, she left an art school, so now she's dying on a school that leads to college and in her free time she likes to doodle or to read books. Or to run throught Pinterest.

Silvi loves blueberries, cold late nights, sometimes even darkness, but most of all her boyfriend and huge moron Kryštof. Besides him she also has three dogs, a budgie, a guinea pig and Mr. Kittie 1 and 2. She also fell in love with Arctic Monkeys, so now she annoys everyone in radius of 20 m.

Silvi Witchen is a lifestyle blog where are primarily written life notes, very important thoughts of author herself and vegan recipes.

Silvi for some reason refuses to write gramatically correct so don't tell her to, she's unbelievably pigheaded.

Contact email for any quesions or collaboations is silviwitchen@gmail.com

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